Sa préférence rosé

The beautiful pale pink colour of this brut is visually emphasized by its golden label
The brut’s discreet luxury!

Grape varieties

Grenache blanc, Grenache gris, Grenache noir




Extra BRUT (non dosé), Méthode traditionnelle, no added sulphites


750 mL

This brut contains grapes from a rigorous selection of three different varieties:
Grenache gris (80 years old vines which yield 12 hectolitres/hectare)
Grenache blanc (50 years old vines which yield 15 hectolitres/hectare) and
Syrah (35 years old vines which yield 25 hectolitres/hectare)
Production: 900 bottles

The soil contains clay and limestone with a shale base. The small hills (altitude 80 meters) are facing south, caressed by the Tramontana wind and are therefore protected naturally.

The harvest is carried out by hand, in boxes of 10 kg, and includes the first rigorous selection process.
The pre-fermentation extraction appears in a cold room (3 C) in which the grapes are stored for 24
hours. The fermentation is done in barrels with lees stirring in which the wine ages for 10 month. The second fermentation occurs in bottles at the cellar of the Domain and is initiated by adding indigenous yeast. The « remueur «, the turning of each bottle a fraction is done at the wine cellar of the Domain as well. As part of the traditional method no « dosage » is added to this Brut Nature. It represents the purest method and tradition of the Domain.

The beautiful pale pink colour of this brut is visually emphasized by its golden label and the personalized and gilded muselet, which complement the brut’s discreet luxury. This traditional method brut is best served as an aperitif but may also accompany meals with red and white meats and fish, foie gras and smoked salmon or can be enjoyed along desserts.
Sa Préférence possesses a beautiful freshness and a roundness originating from the barrel aging, with
results in a beautiful finish when paired with meals. It is best served chilled (10-12°C).