Ceci n’est pas… 1 year

Each time a chef tastes this wine, ideas come up and add to others.


8 grape varieties from Mas Delmas


Vin de France


1 year in barrel "sous-voile"


Natural wine – DEMETER labeled


750 mL

All 8 varieties from Mas Delmas are used depending on the different harvests for the white and rosé wines.
It is a selection made by the winemaker in order to guarantee the balance of the wine. Always searched and found!
Available production: currently 2017: 400 bottles available from April 2018.

This wine comes from several plots at different altitudes (100 to 200m) and different soils (claylimestone with schistose subsoil and soil of alluvial origin). It is difficult to define it, precisely.
Yields vary according to the grape varieties: from 12 hl/ha to 35 hl/ha.

The particularity of this wine is that it is the result of several grape harvests and vinification.
Explanations: when, as the harvest progresses, the grapes for the white wines and wines rosé wines
are pressed and their juices put at 6°C in their reciprocal tanks, it is made a vegetable deposit called “bourbes”.
In 2013, some bourbes were selected and vinified all together and gave as result this magnificent
wine so astonishing. The vinification takes place in barrels with a maturing period of 1 year. During
this year, a beginning of oxidation begins. The living wine then produces yeasts which come to the
surface to form a veil limiting the effect of oxidation which then becomes a fine and subtle aromatic.
A passage of 1 year in barrel gave it its superb aromas.

Difficult to give so much complexity of this wine allows you to play with it and imagine the agreements Each time a chef tastes this wine, ideas come up and add to others.
However, there are a few ideas: Pata Negra ham, anchovies, very spicy dishes, etc.